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Critical Advantages of

Professional Ant Control

✔️Targeted Extermination: Professional ant control goes beyond just dealing with surface-level symptoms by targeting the source of the infestation. Our experts identify the species of ants and use the most effective strategies to not only eliminate them but also prevent future invasions.

✔️Customized Solutions: Every home and ant infestation is unique. We provide customized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of your home, considering factors such as the layout of your property, the type of ants, and the extent of the infestation in Santa Cruz and surrounding areas including Monterey, Gilroy, San Jose..

✔️Advanced Tools and Techniques: With access to professional-grade products and equipment, our technicians can effectively manage ant populations in ways that over-the-counter treatments cannot match. This includes using non-invasive methods that are safe for both children and pets.

✔️Long-term Prevention: Ant control isn't just about addressing the current problem; it's about preventing future issues. We offer advice and modifications for your home to help keep ants out long term, such as sealing entry points and managing environmental factors that attract ants.

✔️Health and Safety: Certain types of ants can pose health risks or cause significant property damage. Professional ant control helps protect your family’s health and your home’s integrity by thoroughly addressing these risks with safe and effective methods.

Strategic Approach to Ant Control

Our Four-Step Process for Ant Management

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Step 1: Granular Bait Application

Targeting the Source

We start the ant control process by applying granular bait to mulch beds and flower gardens, common hotspots of ant activity. This method allows us to treat the ant colonies directly by targeting their nests, effectively reducing the population without needing to locate each nest explicitly.

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Step 2: Perimeter Spray Treatment

Creating a Protective Barrier

Following the bait application, our technicians implement a perimeter spray around the entire outside of your house. This barrier extends one foot up and one foot out from the foundation. It is particularly effective against ants and other crawling insects, preventing them from entering your home.

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Step 3: Crack-and-Crevice Treatment

Sealing Entry Points

The third step involves a detailed application of dust-based treatments to cracks and crevices around your home. This approach targets potential entry points and lesser-seen areas where ants may gain access to your interiors, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection.


Step 4: Monitoring and Guarantee

Ensuring Sustained Protection

Our ant control service includes continuous monitoring and a 30-day guarantee to ensure effectiveness. Regular check-ups help us assess the success of the initial treatment and make adjustments as needed, providing peace of mind and sustained ant prevention.

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